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Google rolls out ‘Minis’ Selfie Stickers feature for Android and iOS users

Google has rolled out selfie stickers also known as ‘Minis’ feature for all the Android users. The feature is introduced to transform your selfies into multiple stickers. Earlier, Google has announced regarding the update of Minis on Gboard last month and just after that announcement, the feature was launched on iOS. The latest feature is basically a part of the Gboard for Android version 7.5 or above which can be download instantly from Play Store.

How does Google Minis work?

If you are tired of using everyday stickers which are available in the Google Keyboard like Bitmoji, and other generic stickers, Minis will add more fun in your life as it makes a parody of you in the sticker format.

The feature is available in the Google Keyboard just after the feature of GIFs and other stickers.

Google Minis Selfie Stickers

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As soon as you click on ‘Minis’ category, it directs you to a selfie camera. The features designed to use the combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural network, and the camera studies your face. Now, on the basis of artist illustrations, it creates the best stickers out of your selfie.

It allows you to customize a number of features including face shape, eyes, eyebrows, and hairstyle. Initially, it feature provides two stickers on the basis of your selfie. Then, you can customize stickers depending on your taste and preferences. As soon as you generate your avatar, the app will provide stickers with various moods, which you can use in your personal chat. Here, the emoji stickers are available in two different packs, known as Sweet mini and Bold mini.

Primarily, the feature was introduced in Google Allo, where they were known as selfie stickers. In Google Allo, Mini allows to generate 100 stickers of the same person, we don’t know whether the same thing is possible in Gboard or not. Also, the latest feature gives another reason for users to stick to Gboard.

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In order to use the latest feature, download the Gboard app for Android and iOS. The latest update includes 28 new language varieties, along with Assyrian Neo-Aramaic, Gheg Albanian, Betawi, Bukusu, Chiga, Dargwa, Extremaduran, Gondi, Garo, Hiri, Hunsrik, Jambi Malay, Kurukh, Lango, Kedah Malay, Sabah Malay, Masaba, Nyoro, Picard, Pfaelzisch, Balkan Romani, Tahitian, and Soga.



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