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Google to provide Fingerprint Support in Chrome

Google Chrome has completed 10 years earlier this month, even though it is not now the fastest browser, but it made people fall in love with it a decade ago. But, Google hasn’t yet stopped to enforce new features into the chrome.

In the latest version of the Chrome 70 beta, Google expects to make logging into websites in a much simpler way. That is just by enabling Chrome to use your Android or MacBook’s fingerprint reader as the two-factor authentication. This is the best feature by Google to get rid of passwords.

A fingerprint can be a simple and effective option than typing your whole password, or it will add an extra layer of security with two-factor authentication.

As per the official Google blog post, in Chrome 70 beta, fingerprint web authentication is active by default for Android and MacOS. Anytime, you have to enter a password or some form of sensitive information, Chrome 70 will itself exit the full-screen mode when the page with a dialog box pops up, this consists of websites which requests you to enter an address, credit card, debit card details or other authentication details.

Chrome Fingerprint feature

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The second most amazing feature which will be available in Chrome 70 beta is trial run for Google’s Shape Detection API, which enables Chrome to detect and identify things like faces, barcodes, and text within the images.

Moreover, Google also stated the victory of HTTPS in Chrome 69 by removing the “Secure tag” from the URL bar. Anytime you visit a bad site, for example, you visit a page with HTTP, Chrome 70 will flash a warning in red so that you can notice that site is “not secure.”

From the last one year, Google is putting a lot of efforts on fingerprint scanning for the web. Moreover, it has introduced fingerprint scanning to the Chrome OS in 2017. Please note that Chrome OS is different than Chrome browser, however, both are meant to work as internet browsing machines.

According to the Google’s calendar, Chrome 70 should be officially available to users from mid-October.


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