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Google will Shutdown Inbox App in March 2019

With the release of the new Gmail, it was expected that Google might shut down its popular app Inbox by Gmail. As per the latest blog, Google will Shutdown Inbox app in March 2019.

Google states that it is making this change in order to completely focus on Gmail. However, this makes sense, but it is hard to see that Inbox will be stopped. The main reason behind this is, Google has introduced a round of features in the new Gmail.

Google released the Inbox by Gmail in 2014 in order to experiment and test new features in the app. It brought a lot of new ideas about how an email could work, along with great features such as snoozing and bundling. These new features attracted a lot of users who were using Gmail because the app solved their issues without getting any trouble from the third-party apps.

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Users were loving a lot of features in the Inbox by Gmail which were not present in Gmail. Inbox provided an effective way to handle the bombardment of email with simple gestures which made it easy to process the message on the go. It also more or less observed that Inbox will work as an Incubator for new email features which will certainly be introduced in Gmail. Thus, Inbox was not getting updates and all the essential features were introduced in the new Gmail.

The new Gmail consists of most of the features of the Inbox, except one which is bundling. This essential feature, which directly groups all the hotel, car, flight and event reservations into a single bundle, is the best feature available in Inbox. We hope that Google introduces this feature in Gmail before it shuts down the popular Inbox by Gmail app.

Google has also released a support guide in order to help Inbox users to shift to the new Gmail. In this guide, the firm provides step by step details about how to use all the features of the Inbox app in the new Gmail.



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