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Google’s ‘Your Plan, Your Planet’ to help users live an eco-friendly life

Google has made a partnership with the California Academy of Sciences in order to release an interactive new tool which will help reduce environmental footprint. It will provide details about the amount of water your shower uses or the overall impact of throwing away food or decreasing the temperature of the water heater by some degrees.

Google’s new Your Plan, Your Planet is a comprehensive tool which can provide details about habits which shore up in order to reduce waste and save energy.

Based on the Google’s 2017 environmental report, the United Nations (UN) anticipates that by 2025, about two-thirds of the planet’s population will be dealing with issues of droughts and water shortages. By taking control of water usage and by thinking about how we can deal with waste, we will be able to maintain proper environmental sustainability, based on Google’s report.

Your Plan Your Planet tool

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As per the latest Google Blog Post, simple habits such as using a dishwasher if you have one, freezing your residues to reduce food waste and decreasing water temperature to some degree can more or less reduce your environmental footprint. Google also stated, our greatest impact on the planet comes from the main three things: our food, water, and energy usage. However, by introducing small changes in our day-to-day we can make big difference in the environment.

As per details, Food production utilizes for than two-third of the world’s water use and around 25% of carbon dioxide emissions. American also states that by reducing the amount of food wastage on a world level, we would greatly reduce the energy consumption. Anytime we throw food, a lot of resources are wasted.

Your plan, Your Planet enlists the water and carbon impact of what people eat and offers them simple science-backed ways to store it. Hence, less food goes into the trash.

The tool mentions simple changes such as installing a low-flow showerhead and fixing small household leaks which will make you become more water savvy.

Lastly, by introducing some simple shifts in our day-to-day habits, we can help to form important change for the better.



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