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Impossible Aerospace receives $9.4M in Series A Funding

In the recent few years, drone manufacturers are adding a lot of new features, but making only small improvements to the battery life. Majority of the phone guarantees a full day usage, a drone can run for about 20-35 minutes only.

Impossible Aerospace wants to transform drones, at least when we talk about commercial drones, with a compact design which consists of all battery. The firm announced the launch details of its US-1 drone today, and also proclaimed that it has received $9.4M from Series A funding from Bessemer Venture Partners, Eclipse Ventures and Airbus Ventures.

The firm’s first product is a drone which most probably stays in the air for around 120 minutes in best flying conditions, with a 75km (over 46 million) straight-line range. It can bear 2.9 pounds of payload, however, it drops the total flight time to 78 minutes.

For commercial customers, the added flight time can vividly free up use cases, altering the mindset of operation from mission-based to more or less experimental.

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The firm’s website consists of a comical X-ray diagram of the US-1’s battery makeup displaying a design which looks like a huge “X” battery cells. Lithium-ion batteries hold about 70% of the total weight of the drone.

This is a design made especially for skilled drone pilots, to complete the flight time in the specified time, they have to ditch some extra components, and the most difficult choice is the lack of any onboard obstacle-avoidance sensors. Spencer Gore, CEO of Impossible Aerospace stated, “Every aircraft design is a compromise.” He further added, “There’s nothing that’s harder than to figure out what features you will include for some users that hurts the performance for everybody else that’s not going to use them.”

Gore stated that there were some features that the firm wants to implement in its first drone and that the firm had an “interesting product roadmap” of designs which made some different choices.

The price of the US-1 drone is $7,500 and it will be shipped in the 4th Quarter of 2018.



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