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Instagram will soon allow Tagging friends in Videos

Instagram is testing a new feature in which it will allow users to tags their friends in video posts. The feature is almost ideal as tagging friends on photos, however rather than pressing the small icon present on the bottom left to see the list of tagged users, the tagged lists appear on the top of the content. The button will display the list of all the tagged people.

As soon as you click on this button, you will be redirected to a new page entitled, “People in this Video”. The page will consist of all the Instagram users which appear in the video or whose original poster wants to alert in some way.

Presently, Video tagging is only appearing on the mobile version of the app.

Instagram didn’t want to disclose anything about the test, nor states its plans for a huge release of the feature. The feature is not available to anyone who hasn’t been selected into the test by the company.

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Currently, the feature is in the testing phase and it is observed by a small percentage of users only. One of the spokesperson stated, “We’re always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and bring you closer to the people and things you love.”

Instagram started providing photo tagging feature from 2013, and then it also provided features for things like tagging products and tagging friends in stories. However, video sharing was started in June 2013, the app is going to launch a way to properly tag their friends. Moreover, the Instagram FAQ’s suggest that users should mention friends in the comment by which they will get a notification.

This might be effective for some time, however, the video is now an important factor for Instagram’s growth, particularly as it explores how to provide better video discovery through its UI. Instagram has also released its new product IGTV in order to connect more users in video chat sessions.

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Tagging in videos will be important in the near future. Also, it will drive more user engagement in the app because the tagged users will relaunch the app on getting notifications.

This feature will have a great impact on the shoppable videos. You may have a question, how? Instagram influencers will be able to post videos of their favorite products and places along with pointing fans to those Instagram accounts in a more structured way.


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