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Path is shutting down its social network

Path, one of the social media rival to Facebook based out in the US is going to be closed soon. Previously this year, Klout has shut down its service and now Path is closing all of its doors. The site reported, “It is with deep regret that we announce that we will stop providing our beloved service.” The site was founded by ex-Facebooker Dave Morin, including Dustin Mierau and Shawn Fanning from Napster, the site was most popular due to its Sticker-style emojis.

Path was started way back in 2010 and now within a month, it will be closed. As per details, Path will officially stop providing service from October 18. The app will be removed from the App Store and the Play Store on October 1. Any of the users who are still left out can download their data till October 18. To download data, click on this link.

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Path was initially started as a private networking app which allows users to just keep 50 friends. Later, it increased the limit to 150 users and then higher. It attracted 15 million users at some point, and then like any other social media apps, it was suppressed by the social media giant, Facebook. Similar to any other social media network, Facebook has adopted some of the features from the Path, probably some of the stickers and reactions, which substituted the “like” button in 2015.

Path future became too much worst and the popular social media startup started losing staff, users and momentum. The firm decided to release a separate app to connect various businesses and users, which was called Path Talk. However, it didn’t work and was later sold out to a messaging and internet giant in Korea called Kakao. Kakao purchased the app in an undisclosed deal in 2015. Kakao bought app because it was popular in Indonesia. Path consists of 4 million users from Indonesia at one point.

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In the last three years, Path hasn’t acquired required users and now Kakao is shutting down the service.


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