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PoLTE allows you to track devices using LTE signal

PoLTE is a Dallas-based startup which wishes to make location-tracking more simple. Due to PoLTE’s software solution, logistics and shipment companies can now track goods and packages effectively. The Startup is participating in TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield at Disrupt SF.

If you want to utilize a linked device to track a package, you currently require few things – a way to find the location of the package, and a path to transmit information in the air. The simplest way to achieve this is by using a GPS chipset along with a cellular chipset.

Systems-on-chip has made is possible as they normally integrate multiple modules. You can receive a GPS signal and wireless capabilities in the same chip. However GPS is fully precise, it also needs a lot of battery just to position the device on the map. Due to this, devices normally triangulate your place using Wi-Fi along with the database of Wi-Fi networks and their positions.

But then also, utilizing GPS or Wi-Fi and LTE modem doesn’t work in case you wish to track a container over various weeks and months. At some time, your device will run out of battery. One solution is, you can spend a small fortune to buy a ton of trackers with big batteries.

PoLTE has built a software solution which allows you to turn data from the cell modem into location information. It effectively works with current modems and just requires a software update. The firm has been working with Riot Micro for example.

Behind the scene, PoLTE performs magic on its servers. IoT devices don’t require any kind of computing. They just have to send a small sample of LTE signals and PoLTE can find out the location from the servers. Customers can obtain this data with the help of an API.

It just takes 300 bytes of data to get location information with an accuracy of less than a few meters. You don’t require any powerful CPU, Wi-Fi, GPS or Bluetooth.

Ed Chao, CEO of PoLTE stated, “We offer 80 percent cost reduction on IoT devices together with longer battery life.”

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In terms of business, PoLTE utilizes software as a service model. You can start using the device for free if you don’t require numerous API calls. Later, you can start paying on the basis of the size of the fleet of devices and a total number of location requests.

It doesn’t bother much whether the firm finds a good business opportunity. PoLTE is a low-level technology firm at heart. Its solution is exciting and it can help various big corporations which are finding an effective location-tracking solution.



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