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Tinder releases its curated ‘Top Picks’ feature globally

Before few months, Tinder has started testing a feature which surfaces a curated list of your best potential matches known as “Top Picks.” The feature is only available to the users who are ready to pay some extra bucks a month. The feature is available to all the paying subscribers of Tinder Gold is now available globally.

Initially, it was being tested in countries like Germany, Brazil, France, Canada, Turkey, Mexico, Sweden, Russia, and the Netherlands, and the UK. The feature was rolled out in U.S and U.K last week. But, the firm waited until the global rollout to declare the arrival.

The main concept behind the feature is adapted from the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel which alike focuses on the curation of matches to reduce users urge to continue swiping left until it gives a feeling of an unlimited number of profiles. Humans don’t like a lot of choices because excess options can cause anxiety. So, in the case of dating apps, if you are unable to take a proper decision, as most of the users think there is another potential match around this swipe.

Top Picks Tinder
Top Picks Tinder

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Tinder’s solution to the above issue is Top Picks, a more appropriate set of potential matches which it believes that users will like depending on the information in user’s profile such as education, type of job, hobbies, and interests. Later, Tinder collects the data and puts in the users in a proper category like an “Adventurer”, “Creative” and “Foodie”, etc.

The data is combined with users’ previous swiping behavior to find the day’s Top Picks. The option is available to toggle over to the diamond button on the home screen.

As per details, Top Picks will refresh daily, the users can purchase more in packs of 10, 20 or 30 a la carte, Tinder states. The latest feature is only for Gold subscribers and it differs according to the price. Tinder charges older users more for using Gold and stresses on other factors such as region, length of subscription, and recent-in-app promotions when showing its prices.

This new paid feature has helped to expand Tinder’s growth as well as revenue. It has now become one of the Top 5 grossing apps of all time in the App Store.

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Brian Norgard, who is the Chief Product Officer at Tinder stated, “We’re excited to finally share Top Picks with our users around the world given its early success.” He added, “Data suggests users in test markets have loved the feature, and we’re happy to make one Top Pick available to all users each day with this global rollout. The feature refreshes every day, highlighting the diversity, talents, and passions of our users in a simple, fun and useful manner.”

The feature is rolled out internationally for Android and iOS users from Monday.



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