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Trevor Noah To Leave The Daily Show After Seven Years, What Are His Plans Further?

 Famous comedian Trevor Noah made an announcement to leave ‘ The Daily Show ‘  after seven years of an epic journey. He said he wants to dedicate more time and effort to stand-up comedy. There is no official date announced by the Comedy Central crew yet one of the spokespeople said that the comedian is further working on his decision. working on his decision.

The 38-year-old comedian is associated with the show for seven years after the exit of Jon Stewart as a longtime comedian. Noah was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and moved to the United States in his early twenties. Noah had to live up to the high expectations of the audience as he took over the Comedy Central show after the longtime very famous host Jon Stewart.

Noah quickly established his own brand name within a short timespan

The 38-year-old comedian quickly established himself as a well-known comedian in the era when cable television did not have much influence on the audience. Noah roasted several media persons and politicians during his journey on the show. His style of addressing current social issues through his comedy was very much appreciated by his audience.

During one of his interviews, Noah mentioned that he loved his journey on the show and that his biggest challenge was to turn the short stories into funny jokes. Noah’s style is no doubt very likable to his audiences, especially the way he transforms his viewpoints into witty conversations.

Throughout his career, he showcased his skill of dealing with things in a humorous manner.  Noah worked on some tough subjects between the presidency of Trump and Covid-19 along with maintaining his position as a comedian on The Daily Show.

Noah’s struggle as a comedian in his early days

Noah was born in a black family in South Africa, according to an interview where Noah said “To be born in a black family never felt like suffering ” I had a loving family therefore my childhood was never miserable. Being poor never bothered me until I met people with money.

Some people know Noah as a star in stand-up comedy and in the daily show while others know him as a boy struggling to find a balance between maintaining and thriving under circumstances.

Moving to the United States in his early 20s In order to take over The Daily Show as a host after the exit of the longtime host Jon Stewart. In his documentary, Noah uses his fame to highlight the present scenario of South Africa and its entertainment industry.

Noah makes clear that his documentary is a sort of homage to his mother and her fight against the system both communal and governmental in order to create her distinct reality as a black woman.

Noah’s reason behind leaving The Daily Show

On 29, September 2022 Comedian Trevor Noah, The Daily Show host gave a statement that he will be leaving the show after hosting it for seven years, he clearly meant dedicating more time to stand-up comedy. He talks about exploring other parts of his life apart from that of a comedian.


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