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Twitter releases audio-only live broadcasts on its iOS app & periscope

Twitter is releasing a new feature which allows users to create audio-only broadcasts instantly from the Twitter itself and from Twitter’s Periscope. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter declared about the feature yesterday. The feature is available from the same interface from where you would usually launch a live video. It is currently available on Twitter’s iOS app and its live streaming app, Periscope.

In order to use this feature, users first of all need to update their Twitter app. Now, the place you see an option to record video just after you click on “Live” you will also get an option to select “audio-only broadcast”.

The feature has been in the beta-testing mode for a long time. But now, as per Jack’s tweet, it is already live.

As of now, Twitter has also confirmed that feature is only available on the iOS app for Twitter and on Periscope. Twitter has not made any announcement when it will be available for other platforms.

However, the users which possess feature can record the audio. But, all the twitter users across different platforms can see as well as play the recordings.

According to the update, the feature is really helpful at times when you want users to hear you but not see you. This feature will enable users to share news by creating mini-podcasts or anything which they are unable to express in 280 characters to their followers.

Just like the live video, audio broadcasters will be able to view their statistics such as the number of live viewers, replay viewers, time watched, etc.

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Apart from this feature, this is the first attempt by the Twitter to modify the purpose of its live-streaming platform towards live podcasting and other audio-first content.

In the recent one year, Podcast industry is growing at a great pace, hence it makes sense that Twitter wants to earn a fair share of it. Twitter is also testing new features such as an “Explore” Tab and Bookmarks for the desktop version. These features are in the beta phase and available to only a few users.



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