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Vtrus launches drones to watch and protect your warehouses and factories

To be constantly aware of what is happening in your warehouses and facilities is one of the most important factors for various industries, however, regular inspections require time, money and personnel. In order to resolve this issue, you can take the help of drones. Vtrus utilizes computer vision not only securely navigate in indoor environments but also to form a 3D maps of them for inspectors and workers to get advice, autonomously and in real time.

Vtrus released its prototype along with its proprietary SLAM (simultaneous location and mapping) software program at TechCrunch Disrupt SF as a Startup Battlefield Wildcard company.

Presently, there are some companies providing drone-services, but Vtrus is one of its kind. It is easy to capture an intruder who is 25ft above from the ground level. But it is very much difficult to take care of things at the production level in a warehouse.

Vturs drone performs its task very well. Instead of taking help of a man to check wiring or lighting in the warehouse, you can take help of drone to perform these tasks. Vtrus doesn’t keep the employees out of work, but it surely keeps them out of risk.

The drone is referred to as ABI Zero for now, fitted with a suite of sensors from common RGB cameras to 360 ones and a structured-light depth sensor. When it takes off, it starts mapping its environment in a splendid way, it captures 300,000 depth points 30 times per second, merging with other cameras to produce a thorough map of its surroundings.

The drone uses this data to get around and this data also stream over Wi-Fi in real time to the main station and Vtrus’s own cloud service by which operators and inspectors can check it.

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According to details, Vtrus can be in the air for 10 minutes. This doesn’t sound very familiar, the issue is not this but how much time it takes to get back in the air. The drone possesses high-speed charging. Hence, it gets back in the air within half an hr. This simply means that the drone can be in the air for as long as 6 hours a day.

The drone is best suited for anyone who wants to inspect or maintain any kind of building or space larger than a studio apartment can see value in getting regular updates about things present in that area, from storage shelving to heavy machinery. You can keep ABI for each X sq. ft. depending upon what you want to do, they will access each other’s data and merge it well.



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