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Where is David Dahmer Now: Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill his Brother?

Netflix’s latest offering, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, retells the story of the serial killer and cannibal who killed and dismembered 17 boys during the 1980s. The show, although told from the victims’ point of view, does give a look into Jeffrey’s family and his relationship with them.

One Dahmer family member, who did not appear in the series after Jeffrey took the life of his first victim, was his younger brother David Dahmer. Many fans are now wondering what happened to David and did Jeffrey end up killing him as well? Read on to find out.

Who Is David Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer’s younger brother David Dahmer was born seven years after him on  December 18, 1966. Some reports suggest that he was named by his elder brother. Although the two brothers had a pretty normal relationship, their bond went sour later because Jeffrey believed that David got preferential treatment from their parents.

The psycho killer thought that his parents gave more attention to his newborn brother and reportedly held a grudge against David for this reason. The brothers are also said to have very different personalities. As per their father, Lionel, David was more outgoing, while Jeffrey was reserved and introverted.

In 1978, their parents separated, and so did the siblings. While Jeffrey went to live with his father, David started living with their mother, Joyce. The same year, Jeffrey targeted and killed his first victim. David was only 12 years old at that time.

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill his Brother David?

Although the siblings had somewhat of a troubled relationship, with Jeffrey resenting his younger brother and being jealous of him, he did not kill David. None of his victims were related to him, and he met most of them at a gay bar in Wisconsin.

As for why David’s character stopped appearing in the show after Jeffrey went on a killing spree, it is because he cut all ties with his brother after the news of his brutal killings went public. David is still very much alive and would be 55 years old now.

Where is David Dahmer now?

In 1991, when Jeffrey had already been arrested for his crimes, David was graduating from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. He then decided not to keep any connection with Jeffrey. The younger Dahmer even went on to give up his family name and took a new identity for himself as he did not want to be labeled as a murderer’s brother.

While Jeffrey’s father and stepmother attended his trial and met him several times in prison, David made no such effort. He made no TV appearances or gave interviews about his brother. His whereabouts have now been kept hidden from the public.

“We’ve promised to keep him completely secret,” Lionel said in an interview in 2004 when asked where his younger son was. However, he did reveal that David had changed his surname and was living somewhere with his wife and two children. Since then, there have been no updates on David’s life, and his new identity remains hidden.

All episodes of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story are now streaming on Netflix.


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